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  • About Painty.io

    Painty.io is a 2D shooter with the aesthetics of art and paint. You control a ship that can be upgraded in many diverse ways after collecting XP, and you will fight enemies who are after your resources. The game requires some skill to learn, but the customization makes it stand out above many other IO games, allowing you to have fun longer because of the many paths you can take.

  • How to play Painty.io

    KEYPAD or WASD to move
    LEFT CLICK to shoot
    Toggle (F) for on/off autofire
    Press E to use shield
    Press R to use laser
    RIGHT CLICK to use bomb
    Hold Y to see all class

    Kill MONSTER for XP, Collect FOOD to get XP and Fuel

  • Painty.io Strategy

    Pick an upgrade path and stick to it, making you very strong in one area to dominate your opponents.

    Want to be slow but strong? Upgrade your Bullet Damage and not your ship.

    Want to be fast and zip past your opponents? Upgrade flying speed and bullet fire rate.

    Whatever you want to be, pick a path and stick with it, giving you larger advantages of generic opponents.