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  • About Paceman.io

    What if you took those restrictive walls off of PacMan? What if you put the dots everywhere? What if you took away the ghosts and replaced them with saws? Also, what if you made PacMan a cannibal? Well, you'd have Paceman. The goal of Paceman is to amass as many points as possible. You do this via eating dots as well as other players, which can only be done from behind. Boosts are spawned randomly throughout the arena. Some are helpful, but others can actually throw you off your game.

  • How to play Paceman.io

    Control Paceman's movements with the mouse, A&D, or left and right arrows. Dash with mouse button or spacebar. Eat other players by hitting them from behind. Front or side hits cause you to bounce off one another.

  • Paceman.io Strategy

    AVOID THE SAWS! Saws are bad. Also bad: the powerup that reverses the direction of your Paceman. Left is right, up is down, and you're gonna head straight for that saw. The super speed you get from eating dots can be useful in that it will help get powerups and chase down enemies, but it can also make your Paceman difficult to control, at which point you will end up as sawdust. Try to "bounce" other players into saws if you can.