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  • About Orpe.ga

    Orepega is a 2D shoot-out in space. Begin by selecting the class of ship. Then fly around shooting other planes. It is simple, but incredibly addictive. You have two weapons: a machine gun and a bomb. The power, speed, and reload-ability of both depend on your class. Some classes of ship have other tricks, such as poison bullets or the ability to deal melee damage. Collect stars to refill your health and take out enemies to improve your stats. Climb to the top of the ranks by achieving the most kills.

  • How to play Orpe.ga

    Spacebar shoots, shift key drops a bomb. WASD or arrow keys to move. White stars give you points and health. Improve your stats by killing other players.

  • Orpe.ga Strategy

    Bombs do more damage, but guns can be reloaded faster. Deploy a bomb when you are in close quarters with an enemy, but don't linger! You can be damaged by your own bombs. All of the classes come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Play with a few different classes of craft before you decide which one is the most effective for your playing style.

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