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  • About Orbs.it

    This new and creative game pits you in a battle of strategy and sharp shooting. 8 players face off on orbiting planets, trying to control 24 total orbs as they orbit the sun. Quick decisions are needed, and high strategy is encouraged as you vie for control over the planets.

  • How to play Orbs.it

    Click your orb to select it as your firing orb.
    Shoot a blast from this orb by clicking near it.
    If your bullet strikes another orb, you take control of it.

    Control them all to win.

  • Orbs.it Strategy

    This game requires skill, cunning, and great accuracy when shooting. Lead your shots depending on the rotation of the orbits.
    Try to keep your obs bunched rather than scattered, and zoom out using the scroll wheel on your mouse to see your entire empire at once. Focus your attacks where you are nearest other orbs to quickly gain more planets.
    You can rotate from the orb as soon as you fire and fire from another orb, so try to always be firing.