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  • About Nofly.zone

    Get ready for takeoff as Nofly.zone takes you to heights you've only dreamed of. This simple shooter can be a solo mission, or a friend can join you and man the guns. Play against others and take their planes down to level yours up and become the master of the skies.

  • How to play Nofly.zone

    Use the mouse to aim, shoot and steer the airplane. In solo mode, you're the pilot and shooter. Share the game link with a friend and join forces; one can steer and the other can focus on taking the other planes down.

  • Nofly.zone Strategy

    Don't overheat your plane or you'll be an easy target for those around you. Controlled bursts will keep you at maximum efficiency without heating you up. Level up and make your plane stronger by collecting points. Take advantage of the clouds and hide in them to confuse those around you and then make your move.