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  • About NitroClash.io

    NitroClash is a 2D soccer type car game that will place you on a team and force you to work together. The objective is to get the ball into the opponent's goal, but you can't do it alone. Work together as an unstoppable team to defeat your opponents, setting up passes and volleys to give your teammates opportunities to score.

  • How to play NitroClash.io

    Use your mouse cursor to control direction
    Click mouse button to BOOST
    Press T to chat
    Press TAB to display player statistics

  • NitroClash.io Strategy

    This is a team game, so don't try to be the hero. You will score more goals if you work together with your team, helping to defend and shoot the ball, and passing to your teammates often to avoid being blocked by your opponents. Save your boost for crucial moments, and try to set up fast shots from downfield when all of your opponents are near your goal.