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  • About Nibbly.io

    In Nibbly, you are a totes adorbs lil' monster with an insatiable appetite for fruit, acorns, and mushrooms. You wobble around a field munching on food. As you eat, you fill up your evolution bar. Fill the bar to evolve your character. You take out other players by lobbing balls at them. One hit is enough to kill! When you down an enemy, they leave a gigantic trail of food. Out-eat and outlast your enemies to reach the top of the leaderboard.

  • How to play Nibbly.io

    Use the mouse to move. Left click or spacebar shoots.

  • Nibbly.io Strategy

    Your balls don't have a lot of range, so get close to enemies to take them out. Be careful of their attacks, of course! Snarf up the food left by a fallen enemy, but be careful of other players who are ready to feast on the fruits of your labor.

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