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  • About Narwhale.io

    Ever wonder what narwhals do with that horn of theirs? Why, they joust of course. Narwhale tasks you with slicing as many enemy narwhals in two with your horn as possible, leveling up and becoming exponentially more powerful in the process.

  • How to play Narwhale.io

    Steer your narwhal with the mouse, and boost with the left mouse button.

  • Narwhale.io Strategy

    Narwhale is one of those "easy to play, difficult to master" games. You basically just point your horn, and shoot, and chances are, you'll at least slice a few narwhals in half before you meet your first death. But learning to avoid anyone who's gunning for you takes a bit of finesse. Move erratically, use that dash defensively, and try to whip around and slice your pursuer in half.

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