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  • About Mygun.io

    Mygun is a 2D side view shooting game that is filled with many rooms, platforms, guns, explosions, and equipment. You can jump, crouch, and lie prone in battle to give you an advantage, and you can pick up shields, invisibility, and ammo for new guns. Try to survive as long as possible, with every new kill you might get new guns...

  • How to play Mygun.io

    WASD - Move and Jump
    E - Grenade
    C - Lie down
    Mouse click - Shoot
    Mousewheel - Change weapon (if possible)

  • Mygun.io Strategy

    Try to get to the side of the map away from where players spawn. From there, try to pick off weak players to earn points to upgrade your gun. Don't be afraid to seek out health packs and use your grenades when necessary.