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  • About Munera

    Munera is 2D top view battle arena that lets you play from the classic classes. Wizards, rogues, orcs, goblins, knights, and more! This game has a delightful soundtrack and effects, and it is filled with cavern exploring and fighting, letting you use the powers of your chosen class to slay your foes.

  • How to play Munera

    WASD + Mouse
    In the menu you can choose between "Mouse" and "Keyboard" for your specific playstyle.

    The keyboard option is a bit easier as it lets you control your shots with more accuracy.

  • Munera Strategy

    There are 5 starting characters in Munera, Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Orc, and Troll. All have their own special abilities and play styles, so pick the one that fits your preferences the most. The main goal is to collect points, and the easiest way to do this is to pick up coins and kill monsters. Fighting players can be tricky and should be avoided unless forced.

Munera Videos