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  • About Mope.io

    Do your best to survive as a land or sea animal in Mope.io. When you first start the game, it poses to you an age-old question: mouse or shrimp? Whichever you choose (it doesn't matter too much) you'll be thrust in a vibrant 2D world. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat your way up to the food chain while avoiding anything that might want to eat you back. At least you can seek solace from hostile players in the arms of friendly ones.

  • How to play Mope.io

    Navigate with the mouse, and use your special ability with W (such as burrowing as a mole). Avoid enemy players, who have a red border around their character. Friendly players will have a green border. Certain props also give you a benefit, such as being able to hide in bushes.

    There's also a survival aspect in the game's water system. Ignoring that will cause you to suffer a most painful death through dehydration. But you can keep your water reserves topped up by collecting blue orbs.

  • Mope.io Strategy

    The strategy here is simple. Eat your way to victory while simultaneously avoiding anything that might eat you instead. Clever use of your special ability can also help in avoiding death, or setting up an ambush.