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  • About Moomoo.io

    Survive through the ages in MooMoo.io, or become extinct. Gather resources by whacking them with your weapon, build your village, and defenses to protect it. Run for your life from hostile wolves, bulls, and other players.

  • How to play Moomoo.io

    Move with WASD. Left click, or space, to attack, or press E to auto-attack. 1-9 selects your item, or just click it.

    To gather resources, run around the map, whacking trees, and rocks, and gold veins with whatever weapon happens to be in your hands.

    Once you've gathered enough resources, stake your claim. Windmills will automatically generate gold for you. Put up walls and spike traps to defend them.

  • Moomoo.io Strategy

    If a wolf or bull decides it wants to eat you for lunch, drop a spike trap in your wake. That should deter them.

    Most players don't seem too hostile, but they will destroy your village if you leave it undefended, so put up those walls and lay those spike traps, or any other defenses you earn from leveling.