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  • About Mobg.io

    Be the last man standing in Mobg, a 50-man battle royale game. Fight tooth and claw with anyone standing in your way, then pick up their powerups and weapons to become more powerful. Crates with a "?" have another powerup, which can make you exceedingly powerful in 1v1 combat.

  • How to play Mobg.io

    Move with the mouse and shoot with left click or space bar. Sprint with right click or W. You can only carry two weapons, so grab the two you love to murder with the most, and stick with those.

    Switch weapons at any point with Q.

  • Mobg.io Strategy

    When you first spawn, play it safe and grab as many powerup crates as you can, as well as weapons, and if the number next to an enemy's name is significantly higher than yours, they're more powerful. So run for the hills.