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  • About Minesweeper.io

    Remember the classic minesweeper game? This is a blown-up (no pun intended) multiplayer version of the original. You'll team up with other brave individuals to select one tile at a time and press your luck. You'll lose points for detonating any bombs, but you're not totally out of the game if you happen to hit one. Get the most points by the end of the game to be considered the best. Happy sweeping!

  • How to play Minesweeper.io

    You only use your mouse and brain in this game of strategy and chance. A left click will reveal a tile to let you know that you've clicked on a clear space, a space with a number, or a bomb. Each number tile lets you know how many bombs are in the 8 squares around the tile. Use the right click of your mouse to place a flag where you think the bombs are so you don't accidentally detonate any.

  • Minesweeper.io Strategy

    It may be best to plug in your mouse for this game, as playing on a track pad can lead to you accidentally detonating a bomb instead of placing a flag. Be sure to examine the numbers carefully and make sure to stay far away from any square that says 7.