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  • About Mechar.io

    Mechar.io is a very fast paced shooter with many weapons, powerups, and items to use at your will! Control a mech to take down enemies in a variety of ways, from Tesla Cannons to homing mechanical spider bombs. The game has a great soundtrack and unique graphics, and the servers load fast without any lag.

  • How to play Mechar.io

    WASD to move
    Mouse to Aim, Left Mouse Button to Fire
    Right Mouse button to Shield
    Scroll Wheel or 1-9 to choose weapon
    Q, E, R for items, onscreen prompts

  • Mechar.io Strategy

    Mechar is fast paced so be ready to jump into the action as soon as it loads. You have teammates, so don't be afraid to use them for support. Your shield is very useful to deflect powerful shots and mines if you are in a tricky situation, and using the environment for cover is going to win you most fights.

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