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  • About MatchyMatchy.io

    MatchyMatchy is similar to a very popular cell phone game filled with candy...that you crush. This game has 2 play varieties, levels or PVP. You must match 3 of the items in a row to get rid of them, and when you do the row will fall and more will come.

    Gameplay features:
    - If you want to win you'll have to think quickly.
    - Play against other players or the computer.
    Game features:
    - Full screen play on any browser size.
    - Cute graphics you'd expect in a Match-3 game.
    - Fun sounds and music that match the cute graphics.
    The game play can be quite addictive once you get good at matching the pieces (candies) quickly.

  • How to play MatchyMatchy.io

    Click and drag two candies to make them switch places.

    You must defeat your opponent before they defeat you to gain points and ranking.

  • MatchyMatchy.io Strategy

    Focus on the objective candies first, so if you need the green and orange candies, clear them as quickly as possible.

    Try and get 4 or 5 matches instead of only 3, this will give you a higher score more quickly. A match 3 gives you 10 points, match 4 gives you 25 points and match 5 gives you 50 points.

    Obvious tip: make matches as quickly as possible, you should make a match in less than a second. Always be swiping!