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  • About Luffy.io

    In this innovative game, you are a string with two ends: a star end (a star) and a fist end (a circle). You move through the map eating dots by switching the star with the fist. The fist-end of your string is used for attacking other stars. The star-end of the string is vulnerable. Protect your star by attacking with your fist, switching to dodge attacks, and eating dots to gain levels. This is a simple game that is kind of difficult to explain in words, super easy to learn, and really tough to master!

  • How to play Luffy.io

    Press space bar or click the mouse to swap your star with your fist. Collect dots to gain power. Take out other stars to rise in the rankings.

  • Luffy.io Strategy

    Keep your fist and your star as far apart as possible. Locate and "sit" in the "thrones" to give yourself a size advantage over other players.