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  • About Little Big Snake

    Eat up to become the biggest and baddest snake in this lush, vibrant world filled with not only snakes, but bugs and other critters to much on. Tons of customization and unlocks will keep you coming back for more.

  • How to play Little Big Snake

    All you need to play is your mouse. The snake will follow your cursor, and left click will boost. Like most Slither-esq IO games, if your head hits anything, you die. You can pass across your body body, but if you hit anything - or anyone - it's a swift death.

  • Little Big Snake Strategy

    There's an art in using your tail to cause as much carnage as can be. Sometimes, you can get lucky by just gliding past another player's head (if you don't mess up and die yourself) but oftentimes, you'll have to work to entrap other players...or you can play passively and just eat everything that doesn't have a human brain behind it.