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  • About Limax.io

    Limax, a simple game to learn but a hard game to master, gives a unique remix on Slither, you play as a snake but instead of growing longer you grow fatter and opt when you want to leave a tail or not. You can leave a trail to kill your opponents, and the larger you are the longer and fatter that tail will be...

    You start off as a small glow worm who wants to eat orbs to grow. Your ultimate objective is number one on the scoreboard, and the only way to the top is to destroy other players...

  • How to play Limax.io

    Control your glow worm using your mouse
    Click to boost, leaving a trail that can eliminate enemies

  • Limax.io Strategy

    Collect a little bit of mass then try to kill a large player by boosting throwing them, forcing them to collide with your tail. If you can secure an early kill it will save you a lot of food harvesting time and allow you to jump higher on the leaderboards.