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  • About Lazerdrive.io

    Lazerdrive is a neon themed 2d game that forces you to think on your toes or be destroyed. You are a dot who creates lines, and those lines can kill anyone, even yourself. Do you want to be the last line standing? Do you want to climb the leaderboards and have your name displayed for everyone to see? Then get in the game and start your neon adventure!

  • How to play Lazerdrive.io

    Use the Arrow Keys to control your line
    Spacebar to Boost
    The game is simple, don't run into lines. Collect power ups and debuffs as you traverse the map, doing your best to cut players off and destroy them.

  • Lazerdrive.io Strategy

    Once you understand the controls try to figure out the timing for your line gaps. They come with a standard frequency, and if you can predict them you can use them to jump over other players lines safely. Collect powerups and use your boost to escape tricky situations.