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  • About Lava.io

    The floor is lava and you're a purple squid! Intrigued? The objective is to gather as many gems as possible while avoiding standing on a shrinking platform when it goes poof. Jump around as many paths as possible.

  • How to play Lava.io

    WASD directional keys or arrow keys to move between platforms. You try to gain a high score by collecting diamonds. Luckily you can't accidentally jump into the lava

  • Lava.io Strategy

    Don't fall in lava, mainly. But you'll notice there are some platforms that don't shrink. They don't look any different in color, you'll just notice they aren't shrinking. It's good to find those and know where they are at all times when you need to pause or figure out a new course. Block your competitors and get them stuck by standing in their way.