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  • About LaserSharks.io

    This is a game of intellect and nuance that will put your tactical analysis skills to the test. Just kidding. It's a game about sharks with lasers. Eat shrimp to gain levels. Zap other sharks with your laser to earn points, upgrade your shark, and rise in the rankings.

  • How to play LaserSharks.io

    Use mouse to guide your shark. Left click the mouse to dash. Hold spacebar to charge laser. Press spacebar to fire. Upgrade your shark by earning points.

  • LaserSharks.io Strategy

    Focus on eating shrimp and gaining levels at first. Once your shark has powered up a bit, go on the offensive. Use the white hexagons either offensively or defensively--you can use them as a shield or bounce your lasers off them to hit unsuspecting players.

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