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  • About Kugeln.io

    Kugeln is a 2D shooter where you fight to the death on various maps, together with up to 8 players total. There are three types of game modes, Death Match, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag.

    There are a variety of weapons located across the map, and you can use special items by pressing E.

  • How to play Kugeln.io

    WASD to move
    Mouse to aim and fire
    E to interact
    Right click to shoot grapel, this helps you navigate the map

    There is no reloading, you have to find the weapon and pick it up again to reload your ammo.

  • Kugeln.io Strategy

    Try to stay to the sides of the map where you have cover, using your bow to place shots at unsuspecting enemies. If you have a good gun, go wild and hunt down enemies since you will be far more powerful than them until you run out of ammo.

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