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  • About Klad.io

    Klad give you but two tools with which to lay waste to your foes: a gun, and a jet pack. This side-scrolling 2D shooter is a hectic, bloody thrill-fest. Pick your starting weapon from one a six, and then jump around like a lunatic spewing bullets at anything that moves. Spew well enough, and you'll soon find yourself on top of the leaderboards.

  • How to play Klad.io

    The controls for Klad are as easy as you would image. Move your character with WASD, right click to jet pack, and left click to spew those bullets. Reload with R.

  • Klad.io Strategy

    Excelling at Klad revolves primarily around your twitch-reflexes, as well as how well you can spew bullets, but try to use the jetpack to your advantage and fly circles around your opponents.

    The harder you are to hit, the more likely you'll be to win those gunfights. Try to never be standing still, for that leads to a quick death.

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