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  • About Kazap.io

    The point on Kazap is simple. It's to laugh maniacally as you watch the charred remnants of your enemies floating through the cold vacuum of space.

    Strap into your battle-laden spaceship and get ready for a deep-space dogfight to remember! Invite your friends or fly solo, the choice is yours.

  • How to play Kazap.io

    Use the arrow keys to move around the map. Use the K key to shoot, the L key to stop moving, and Spacebar to boost.

    Alternatively, you can use the W,A,S,D, keys to move, with X to fire, Z to brake, and Space to boost.

    Traverse space and collect space dust. Shoot down other ships and collect their charred remains to grow in size. As you increase in size, you'll be able to see more and more of the map. At size 60, you will appear on the navigation minimap in the lower right to EVERYONE in the game. Watch your tail though, because you will be hunted! However, your power is massive, and you can hit them before they even get close, so show no mercy.

  • Kazap.io Strategy

    When you are small, you fire and turn quickly, but a single hit from an enemy will blow you up. Use your boost to dodge enemy fire, get in close, and shred them.

    As you grow, use your greater map visibility to catch others off guard. Your reverse thrusters will come in handy as a means to draw enemies towards you. Time your shots for when your attacker is trying to change direction, or when he cannot yet see you.

    Come late game, you are massive. So massive, that you appear on everyone's minimap! They can see where you are, and in what direction you are facing. You'll want to keep your back covered, so stay near the edges of the play area, and engage at maximum range. Never underestimate the power of flying in reverse at this stage!

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