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  • About Jumbled.io

    Play against others in this word game hybrid for people with eagle eyes, fast reflexes and strong nerves. Jumble.io is not for the faint of heart or laggy of computer. Be the quickest one to unscramble words from a variety of languages to get the most points and become the Jumble champion!

  • How to play Jumbled.io

    Find the matching letters in the jumble and drag them with your mouse into the matching boxes at the bottom of the board. The more letters you have collected in a sequence, the more points you'll have. The person with the most points at the end of the round is the temporary winner, but don't worry, each round is a new start to show the other players your unscrambling skills.

  • Jumbled.io Strategy

    Use the special lock and unlock icons to guard your letters to get the most points. Once you've locked a letter, drag the unlock icon around so no one else can get a hold of it (or your points)!