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  • About Hyper Fleet (beta)

    They have returned to slay us all! But we will not fall so easily! In Hyperfleet, you fight alongside many other players to defeat the attacking enemy fleet, protecting your own base and mining for materials, all at the same time! During your journey of defense and attacking you will have the options to unlock new and powerful ship upgrades, new abilities, even place portal stations and advance to new missions!

  • How to play Hyper Fleet (beta)

    Move with mouse- Click to fire
    Keys 1-9 for abilities and 0 to drop stations once unlocked
    Hold shift to drift
    Enter to talk
    Press Space over station to repair and restock ship (unlock new ships, upgrade weapons, complete missions to earn new abilities, re-roll the bonus stats, and more)

  • Hyper Fleet (beta) Strategy

    Working together to defeat larger enemies is the key strategy, as many lasers make light work of dangerous enemies. Don't get caught out alone where you will fall victim to an enemy onslaught, and make sure you upgrade your ship often, sticking to a specified upgrade path to most benefit your team!