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  • About Hopz.io

    In the grayscale world of Hops, it is either hop or be destroyed. You are a small round shaped character in the forest in this 2D sidescrolling game, and the only way to survive is to stay on top, hopping. If you pass over another player, you will destroy them and earn a point. If someone hops over you, you will be destroyed and lose your points. Simple, right? Just wait until you try it...

  • How to play Hopz.io

    Arrow keys to move, UP to Jump, UP UP to double jump

  • Hopz.io Strategy

    Double jumping is your best strategy. Try to bait people into jumping first, then back off a second, as their second jump starts to fall, leap towards them and secure the HOP and the points. Also, if you stick to the side of the map you can't be surrounded.