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  • About Hookem.io

    Skewer your opponents in Hookem, a class-based multiplayer IO game in which you gather energy, and hook enemies to steal theirs.

  • How to play Hookem.io

    Use the mouse to guide your character. Left click (or Q) fires your hook. Right click (or W) creates a shield that can be used to cut people, or block hooks if you're especially fast with it.

    E uses the class's special ability. (Costs 10 points)

    You can switch your class on the fly with 1-4. (Also costs 10 points)

  • Hookem.io Strategy

    The key to Hookem is to get a good grasp of your your abilities as well as the abilities of the other classes. That way, you can swap between them and pull of some fancy maneuvers, becoming the envy of every other player.

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