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  • About Hexar.io

    Become a hex-master in Hexar.io. Move your piece around the map, capturing territory and gaining kills in the process.

  • How to play Hexar.io

    Your piece moves automatically, so just click where you would like to draw out your line. Connect that line back to your territory to capture even more territory, but that line is also your life-line. If anyone hits it before you're able to return home, then you're dead.

  • Hexar.io Strategy

    Protect your line with your life. It's tempting to try to draw out as much territory as possible, but this leaves you exposed. So instead opt to simply capture territory little bits at a time.

    Green orbs also give you a speed-boost, so if you're especially daring, you can attempt to trap other players by luring them out with a nice juicy line, ripe for the taking.

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