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  • About Gotia.io

    It's a multiplayer battle game on an open field of hexagons. Get your lil' warrior ready to take on the enemy by guiding him over colorful dots. The more dots you walk over, the more experience you gain. The more experience you have, the more powerful you are. The more powerful you are, the easier it will be to smash others. Hop on a horse to boost your speed and pick up a shield to boost your defense.

  • How to play Gotia.io

    Use the mouse to steer your character. Space or mouse click to attack. Walk over the dots to gain a limited time power-up, which include defense boost (sheild) and speed boosts (horse).

  • Gotia.io Strategy

    Avoid players with higher exp. points than you because you basically have no chance against them. Take out weaker enemies for an exp. boost. If a smaller and faster enemy tries to slip away, hop on a horse to hunt them down. Boost yourself with a shield before taking on a tough enemy. Work in cooperation with others to take down the more powerful players.