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  • About Goons.io

    Goons.io puts a sword in your hand, and it’s up to you to use it. In this twitchy action game, chase down your enemies, slice them in two, and collect the colorful blobs they drop in order to give yourself a longer sword, and a bigger advantage. This one-hit-kill action game is as simple as it is fun and addictive.

  • How to play Goons.io

    Goons.io fast-past nature is primarily driven by the fact that you can’t stop, even if you wanted to. In this game, you’re forever moving forward. You can steer by moving the mouse, and slice by pressing the left mouse button, but your character knows what it wants – the heads of your enemies – and it’s doing everything in its power to see that dream realized. You have to do the legwork, though, or in this case, the swordwork.

    There’s also a dash bound to the right mouse button. This move propels you forward a nice distance and can be crucial in slipping in for an easy kill, or slipping out to avoid an easy death.

    The main means of progression in Goons.io is to increase the length of your sword so that you can take out enemies from a slightly longer range. Do this by running around like a ninja who can’t stop moving in order to collect colorful blobs that drop from both dead enemies and NPC target dummies that roam randomly around the map.

  • Goons.io Strategy

    Excelling at Goons.io is primarily all about your twitch reflexes. If you can get in there, take out an enemy (or three) and then get out unscathed, then you’re good. Just be mindful that since you die in one hit, there’s little margin for any kind of error. You either kill them, or you’re dead. Or someone gets the drop on you, and you’re dead. Basically, if you’re not killing, you’re dying.

    But there is strategy in growing your sword to be as long as possible as quickly as possible. The blobs are plentiful. With as fast-paced as Goons.io is, players rarely have the opportunity to collect them all. So, focus on this if you get the opportunity, especially when you’re newly spawned. Ignore players and run around gobbling up blobs. Or, if there are no blobs to be found, chase around the NPC target dummies and hit them to spawn even more blobs for the taking.

    There’s also strategy in your dash. Once you get a good feel for how far it’ll take you, you’ll be able to properly position yourself to chop down your enemies in one fell swoop. Dash and kill. Rinse and repeat. If you get really good, you can dash, get two or three kills, and then laugh manically as you soak up all their blobs.

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