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  • About Gons.io

    Gons is a 2D shootout between sentient shapes. You start out as a triangle trapped in a giant crossword puzzle. Other shapes start whizzing by, and boy are they angry! It seems like every polygon in town (including yourself) is possessed by an insatiable desire for more edges. They are so consumed by edge-lust that they will literally shoot THEIR OWN EDGES at other shapes in the hopes of gaining still more edges.

  • How to play Gons.io

    Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Use spacebar to shoot. Your goal is to collect "edges." You start as a triangle, but can earn more edges by shooting other players. When you shoot an enemy, you lose an edge. You can recover this edge by collecting it after it has destroyed an enemy or bounced into a wall.

  • Gons.io Strategy

    Be careful not to get trapped down a dead-end corridor! Pick up the thing that looks like an asterisk for a good edge-boost. Be wary of circles--they're so maxed out on edges that they shoot with reckless abandon!