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  • About Go! Eat! Bomb!

    Eat kittens, leave behind explosive shit, and dominate the playing field in this fast action game. Go Eat Bomb! keeps you on your toes as you dive and dash, timing your bites just right as you flee a trail of enemies. If you enjoy games with a great soundtrack, quirky animation, and a fun concept, then Go Eat Bomb! is for you.

  • How to play Go! Eat! Bomb!

    1. Eat whatever you see!
    2. Explode yourself and explode your enemy!
    3. Beware of the shit, it is explosive!
    4. Become bigger than everyone else and get to the top of the rating!
    5. Eat kittens or monsters and get coins

    Control your creature using your MOUSE, clicking to eat objects.

  • Go! Eat! Bomb! Strategy

    When you are attempting to eat objects you travel much slower, so try to time your eating for the last moment, therefore you don't sacrifice any speed to grow larger.

    Use the N20 pellets by eating them, you will get a large speed boost allowing you to chase down your prey.