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  • About Glor.io

    You are a swordsman who is stranded in the wild with only your blade and your wits. You must survive against all competing swordsmen, but in order to do so you must build a safe place to rest and gather materials to upgrade your abilities. The only way to the top is by building an empire, and the only way to start is by gathering some wood or taking over a rival's base...what are you waiting for!?

  • How to play Glor.io

    Move: W, A, S, D or arrows
    Look: Mouse
    Select building: 1-9 or click on the icon
    Attack / Gather: Click
    Return: Chat

  • Glor.io Strategy

    You start out weak and you must change that quickly. Gather some easy resources and build a simple base, somewhere to store your loot.

    If you see a nearby player who appears weaker, attack them carefully, waiting until they are already weakened from another fight or in the middle of fighting an animal.

    To build your power, you must upgrade your base. This is the path to victory. Here are some tips for you:
    - Finding a pig with a saddle is a great luck!
    - You need to build more towers to stay on top of the leaderboard!
    - Invite your friends using "Create party link" at the bottom of the page in order to play together!
    - Are you going to attack the enemy? Don't forget to leave guards in the castle!
    - If you need a lot of food, make beds as soon as possible!
    - You can block enemy doors by building your walls nearby.
    - The number of wall blocks is limited, but you can save some by building a castle near the border of the world.
    - When attacking the enemy, you can create your guards next to him.
    - If your mercenaries are killed during the battle, you can instantly create new ones. Make sure you always have enough food for it.
    - Take good care of your peasants since higher-level units extract more resources.
    - The stone of life saves you life, but you lose all the resources you have collected.
    - If you died and used the stone of life, do not forget to build a new one!
    - After defeating your enemy, you will get a quarter of all his resources, including gold.