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  • About Generals.io

    Generals is a 2D based environment strategy game that focuses on clever tactics over fancy graphics. This game forces you to outsmart your opponents, capturing territory in unique fashions to drive them off the board. Every match is an 8-player Free For All that is going to test your strategic abilities, ensuring you are quickly defeated or easily conquer your foes.

  • How to play Generals.io

    Click and Drag to move the map.
    To claim, upgrade and build upon blocks you simply need to click the square you're interested in and select the option of what you want to do.
    You can also use WASD or Arrow Keys to move around.
    Press Spacebar to deselect. Press Q to clear queued moves. Press E to undo your last move.

  • Generals.io Strategy

    You need to quickly advance your starting army because after the first 25 seconds you will gain a troop for every space you have conquered. Do not be afraid to spread yourself thin in the beginning, it will pay off.

    Capture buildings and other bases as quickly as possible as it gives you many bonuses and extra troops.

    Remember that as well as defense you're going to need to prepare troops for a counter attack, sitting still like a turtle and waiting for oncoming attacks is far from the best strategy!