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  • About Gameofbombs.com

    Game of Bombs takes the arcade classic Bomberman and transforms it into a multiplayer adventure spread over a gigantic map. Plant bombs to knock down walls, gather powerups, and kill opponents. Find keys to open locks, use extra bombs to blow up especially tough walls. Win by being the last player standing.

  • How to play Gameofbombs.com

    Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Spacebar plants bombs. Use the menu on the left to buy powerups. The last player standing wins.

  • Gameofbombs.com Strategy

    Your spawn location is random, so if you have spawned near an enemy, get to safety as soon as possible! Since your goal is to be the last one standing, you can go on the offense or play the waiting game, hiding from enemies until they blow each other to smithereens. Familiarize yourself with powerups to maximize their effectiveness.

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