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  • About galax.io

    Set your thrusters to 11, in this high-paced starship shooter extravaganza. Arm yourself to the teeth with blasters, bombs, and heat-seeking missiles, as you blast your enemies into the endless vacuum of space.

    Will you become the ultimate starship fighter pilot?! Let's find out captain!

  • How to play galax.io

    Use A and D to steer your spaceship and W to boost forward. Shoot with Spacebar and Q to change your weapons.

    Zoom around the map and aim to your shots correctly to blast your enemies out of the star-filled sky.

    Check the Info section on the home screen for a complete list of controls, options, and features.

  • galax.io Strategy

    Bigger ships are less mobile. They have heavy firepower, but if you don't get too close and use your speed to your advantage, you can slowly widdle them down. Use the chat on the bottom of the screen to plan a group bombing run on a priority target and stack up those kills to gain enough points to upgrade to a bigger and badder ship!