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  • About Fute.io

    Fight with players all around the world with nothing but your feet in fute.io, a massive, free-for-all football (soccer) game. Anything goes. You can even kill your opponents if you want. Just kick 'em till they fall over dead and then steal their ball.

  • How to play Fute.io

    There are two ways to play, either with the keyboard or the mouse. With the keyboard, the arrow keys move, and the space bar kicks and dash.

    With the mouse, your footballer follows your mouse like a horse following a carrot on a stick, and you can kick or dash with the left mouse button.

    Once you've got the controls down, just grab a ball, fine one of the many goals littered about the map, and then kick it in for a score. Top the scoreboard, and then pat yourself on the back.

  • Fute.io Strategy

    There are two primary ways to play Fute. You can either play it passively and try to find newly-spawned balls and kick those into goals. Or you can go balls-to-the-wall and tackle other players, steal their ball, kill them, then laugh maniacally as you kick it into the goal.

    You could even try to hang out near the goals and intercept balls that are headed in. The choice is yours.

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