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  • About Frogar.io

    Stretching across many mobile and browser platforms, Frogar.io brings a competitive atmosphere with plenty of rewards and goals. You want to be the biggest frog in the bog, so you'd better eat your flies quick! If you see smaller frogs, jump on them before they get away! They are full of tasty flies for you to eat, which will help you grow big and strong.

  • How to play Frogar.io

    Click near your frog to leap towards flies (or smaller frogs). Your frog will automatically eat the nearest flies.

  • Frogar.io Strategy

    If you can place your frog in the middle of many flies you won't have to jump as much, allowing you to grow bigger, faster. Smaller frogs that are nearby will be marked as GREEN on your map, those are frogs you can leap on and squish. Frogs that are marked RED on the map are larger than you and should be avoided.

    Try to predict where your opponent is going to leap, since your leaps are delayed and there is a short time between. If smaller frogs leap onto you they will die, so use this to your advantage.