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  • About Flaap.io

    Flaap.io is a game about a bird that really can't fly, but is doing its best to try anyway. It's the type of metaphor that's well suited for anyone struggling in life. Oh, it's also pretty much just Flappy Bird, a simple game that took the nation by storm a few years back. Fly the bird, avoid hitting the ground, as well as the pipes

  • How to play Flaap.io

    Flaap is simple to play, but it's also ridiculously tricky. There is but one button to know: space (or left click). That will cause your poorly flying bird to flap, but it'll begin to fall immediately, so you must do so continuously to keep it airborne. But you must also pass through openings in pipes. Flap too fast, and you'll hit the top one. Flap too slowly and you'll hit the bottom one. The trick is to flap just right. Just like in life.

  • Flaap.io Strategy

    There's no strategy here other than to flap. You'll quickly learn the general feel of the momentum, and the amount of flaps necessary to fly at the height you wish to fly. Or, you won't, and you'll be kissing pipes until the end of days.

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