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  • About Facepunch.io

    Facepunch asks you to do just that: punch lots of faces. In this boxing game, battle to become king of the ring with that one-two combo. Each punch removes one bar of health. Avoid losing all your health while systematically KOing anyone who stands in your way. Earn XP with each kill, and gain more life with each level.

  • How to play Facepunch.io

    The game moves toward your cursor automatically. Strafe with WASD, and punch with the left mouse button, alternating hands. Use your special ability (such as a shield or a sprint) with the right mouse button.

  • Facepunch.io Strategy

    Play aggressively, but know when to flee. Your health will regenerate on its own if you give it enough time to do so.

    A well-timed special ability will keep you alive and let you finish off enemies during a close fight. Pinning enemies to the corner of the ring can be a fast way to finish them off.

    Be opportunistic. You can easily slip in and steal kills from others with a well-timed punchy, especially if you possess the sprint ability. Consider yourself a ninja boxer.