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  • About Erth.io

    Slay rabbits and capture flags in Erth.io. This platformer is part RPG and part capture the flag. Pick a class, either magician, warrior, or archer, and then get leveling. There are plenty of critters littered about the map for you take your bloodlust out on to get those levels in, but you don't necessarily even need to focus on players, but if one of them makes a move for your flag, you may want to stop them.

  • How to play Erth.io

    Move with WASD. Dash with Spacebar. Aim with the mouse, and left click to shoot. Right click freezes you in place, allowing you to line up deadly headshots, but don't stay in that mode for too long, or you're as good as dead.

  • Erth.io Strategy

    The best way to get points is to capture the enemy team's flag, but any type of activity you do will increase your team's score, so even if you're tunneled in on farming your next level, you'll at least be helping out your team somewhat. But again, if someone grabs your flag, you probably want to grab them back, and kill them, and take back your flag.