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  • About DRILLZ.IO

    You're a drill and a dream. Your dream? Be a better drill. How do you achieve that? Drilling. In Drillz, you destroy natural resources in order to power up your drill. Then you use that newfound power to destroy other drills. Mother Nature sheds a tear as you lay waste to her precious trees and minerals. Do you care? No. You've got drilling to do. Power up your drill until you reach the coveted Amethyst drill. Watch the other drills quake in fear at your omnipotence.

  • How to play DRILLZ.IO

    W,A,S,D or arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim your drill. Left click activates your drill. Use the drill to mine resources, attack, or destroy bricks. Tab brings up your inventory.

  • DRILLZ.IO Strategy

    Focus on upgrading your drill right away. Duck away from bigger drills so that you can go about your business cutting down trees and mining ore. Once your drill is powerful enough, go on the offensive to boost your score.