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  • About Driftin.io

    Driftin is a very addictive lap racing game that includes aspect of battle and vehicle customization. You pick from 6 different types of racers that all offer a unique play style, and you get to upgrade one part of your racer every time you complete a lap. Complete 20 laps to win...sounds easy, right? Just wait until you hit the track to find out...

  • How to play Driftin.io

    The play is simple...
    Guide your car around the track, using LEFT click for a boost. Avoid hitting any walls or other players, as this will damage and potentially kill you.
    After you complete a lap, using the number keys to upgrade your chosen ability.

  • Driftin.io Strategy


    When drifting, make sure to avoid walls as they slow you down and damage you. Use your boost when you are about to collide to slip out of the way, and make sure to use your ability upgrades after every lap. It is useful to use the repair kit, because if you die you are set back to lap 1.

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