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  • About Dotta.io

    As a warrior, mage, or thief fight your way through dragons, zombies, ogres, and more in Dotta.io, a fantasy RPG. Conquer to land to become the fiercest force of sheer fantasy in existence. No dragon (zombies or ogres) will stand a chance.

  • How to play Dotta.io

    Hold down the right mouse button to move in the direction of your cursor. Then attack and use your special abilities with 1,2, 3, & 4.

    There are also health shrines place throughout the map for you to capture and recharge from a night slaying dragons.

  • Dotta.io Strategy

    Learn to make the most out of your special abilities. If you're a thief, drop a bunch of bombs near that big enemy, then attack him once and flee, dragging him over your bombs and blowing him sky high in the process.