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  • About Doomed.io

    Doomed is a multiplayer online survival game that pits you against other players as well as natural dangers, like wolves and lava. You must defy your settings and conquer them, harvesting wood, killing animals and monsters, and building weapons to battle other players. You can play with friends to increase your chances of survival by combining your efforts to build a super fortress.

  • How to play Doomed.io

    WASD to Move
    Left Mouse to Attack/Use Item
    Space to Charge
    Shift to Sneak
    Q to Drop Item
    Q + 1 to drop 10 items
    Q + 2 to drop 100 items
    R to Dismantle Building
    E to mount/unmount weapon

  • Doomed.io Strategy

    As with most resource mining games, try to get a good stock of a variety of resources early, this will allow you to get a headstart with crafting and make you more dangerous, faster. Avoid fighting players/animals that you can't easily defeat and work hard to increase your attack level.