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  • About Dodgeballs.io

    Surrounded by enemy blobs with nothing but dodgeballs to defend yourself with. Quick! Pick as many up as you can to increase your size and abilities, spending your gathered dodgeballs on new skills. Beware the enemies, try to hit them before they hit you, else you'll have to start all over!

  • How to play Dodgeballs.io

    Mouse to Move
    Click to Throw

    Collect Dodgeballs to grow and throw them at your opponents

  • Dodgeballs.io Strategy

    You are able to upgrade your skills as you get collect more dodgeballs, and it is better to pick one skill and continue to max it out. If you max speed it will make you much harder to hit. If you max ball size, it will be easier to hit your opponents, and if you max ball speed it will make you more deadly in head to head exchanges.

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