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  • About Doblons.io

    Wrest for control of the seas in Doblons. Collect gold in this 2D boat-shooter to upgrade your ship and expand your fleet, avoid people bigger and angrier than you, and try to survive until you're able to be the bigger and angrier boat. The massive amount of customization options in Doblon allows you to perfect the perfect death machine for your needs.

  • How to play Doblons.io

    Steer your ship with the mouse, fire with the left mouse button, and spend gold to fire off an aimed shot with F. The number keys can be used to quickly upgrade the different ship stats in the top left, and when you earn enough gold to be able to add a major upgrade to your ship, buttons will pop up along the bottom of the screen.

  • Doblons.io Strategy

    Doblons can be tricky. Big ships are tremendously dangerous, and should be avoided at all cost. They can also be tough to escape if they get you in their sites. Generally speaking, if you see a lot of cannon fire coming from off screen, flee. Flee for your life.

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