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  • About DatTank.com

    Play on one of four warring tank factions. Your mission is simple: eliminate as many tanks as possible before the timer runs out. Will you bring your team to victory?

  • How to play DatTank.com

    Use the WASD keys to move your tank.
    Use your mouse to move/aim the tank gun.
    Left click to fire.

    If low on ammo or health, make sure to roll your tank over the pickups scattered throughout the map.

  • DatTank.com Strategy

    Tanks shots only travel in a straight line. Use cover (like you base's guns) to avoid getting hit.

    There's not that much advantage to traversing into enemy territory. Try to stick near your base's guns, so you always have a safe place to take cover.

    You start off with 100 hp and 20 ammo, each shot does about 20 damage so its about 5 shots to take an enemy tank.